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pdf.png EIA Galsi Date 2011-03-02
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Galsi: positive outcome for Environmental Impact Assessment

pdf.png Confindustria conference Date 2010-02-20
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The Galsi pipeline will provide enormous growth opportunities for the entire economy of the island

pdf.png Galsi Conference Date 2009-11-22
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The Galsi Gas Pipeline: new energy for Sardinia

pdf.png ODE press release Date 2009-07-28
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Saipem and Technip awarded contract for onshore basic and detail engineering design of the Italian section of the pipeline

pdf.png Press release BOD Date 2009-04-27
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Galsi: Shareholders Meet to Approve the Financial Statements and Appoint the Board of Directors

pdf.png Danton Press Conference Date 2008-02-19
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The Reappearence of the French battleship Danton

pdf.png Agreement Galsi- SGR Date 2008-09-30
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Galsi and Snam Rete Gas confirm commitments to build new gas pipeline from Algeria to Italy via Sardinia

pdf.png Authorization process Date 2008-07-31
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Galsi initiates the authorisation process for pipeline construction

pdf.png Agreement Galsi - University Date 2008-07-18
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Galsi and the University of Cagliari join forces to promote science and technology

pdf.png Sardinian fishing industry associations Date 2008-08-17
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Galsi opens talks with Sardinian fishing industry associations