The importance of natural gas as a primary source of energy worldwide is growing rapidly and cannot be arrested either by the drive towards renewables and energy savings or by the renewed interest in nuclear power.

Meeting roughly a quarter of the EU's total energy requirement, natural gas is, after petroleum, the second source of primary energy in Europe. This requirement is forecast to grow 26.3%* by 2020 and in Italy by 39% more than the rest of Europe.

Over the same period domestic European gas production is expected to fall by 43% with a dramatic reduction in Italy (-65%) from 11 to around 4 billion cubic meters.

Forecasts for the future of the gas market mean that to guarantee long-term security of supply for Italy immediate action is required to significantly expand the existing import infrastructure.

With a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters, the Galsi pipeline represents a concrete response to energy needs and security of supply of natural gas.

*source: data from the AT Kearney study "Future Natural Gas Supply", December 2007