The Galsi Pipeline has been included in Tuscany's Regional Energy Plan (PIER) and recognised as strategic and essential for the fulfilment of the region's future energy goals: a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, conversion of polluting power plants, and diversification of gas supply.

The Galsi Pipeline will bring several benefits and advantages for Tuscany, some of which are listed in the Region's Energy Plan:

  • positive impacts for the region's economy, business environment and social development;
  • diversification of energy sources for power generation, providing an incentive for methane and a lower use of the more polluting fossil fuels;
  • greater security of energy supply for Tuscany which is highly dependent on energy imports;
  • incentive to switch from oil to a more eco-sustainable system based on renewable energies. Eco-compatible natural gas will play a key role in this transition.