Created in 2003 as a design company, today Galsi is responsible for the development, construction and operation of a new pipeline connecting Algeria to Sardinia and Tuscany stretching almost 900 km, of which around 600 km offshore. Reaching depths of 2885 meters in the subsea stretch between Algeria and Sardinia, Galsi will represent the deepest underwater pipeline ever built : an enormous feat of technology and engineering for the team of experts engaged in the project's design.

Galsi is backed by a consortium of leading international and national energy companies - Sonatrach, Edison, Enel Gruppo Hera - and by the Region of Sardinia through its financial arm,Sfirs. On 7 November 2007 the partners were joined by Snam Rete Gas, Italy's biggest natural gas distributor, which signed an agreement with Galsi to build, own and operate the Italian section of the pipeline.